About Us

40th Anniversary LogoLINDEN SINGERS of Victoria is a vibrant, 50 member, mixed-voice, multi-generational, auditioned choir.  We are teachers, lawyers, accountants, students, government workers, nurses, priests, contractors, computer nuts, university profs and secretaries, to name just a few.  We are mothers, daughters, sons and fathers.  And some of us are even retired.  What draws us together every week is a passion for choral music and commitment to excellence.  We perform many styles of secular and sacred music and our repertoire is diverse, often intriguing and, at times, challenging, both for us and for our audience.  We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and are likely to continue doing so for another 40.

Lots of us love to travel… sometimes together as a choir.  In addition to performing within BC, our travels have taken us further afield to Newfoundland, New Zealand, England, Ireland and Cuba.  Most recently, we went on a road trip to Powell River, where we were honoured to participate in the International Choral Kathaumixw.  Touring not only provides a great opportunity to sing with people like us, it also exposes the choir to different styles and presentations of music, and creates lasting memories.  We come home enriched and keen to share what we have learned and experienced.

Over the years, the choir has been proud to commission works by well-known Canadian composers, including Imant Raminsh, David Archer, Georgina Craig and Jeff Enns.

Our Music Director, Brian Wismath, is an integral part of the Linden Singers’ community.  With his energy, focus and ability to elicit a musical response, he enables us to create magic for our listeners.

We also have great snacks at the break and put on a mean potluck.  But you probably suspected that already!